What Our Students Say About SACAP - Cindy-Marie Bertram - SACAP

What our students say about SACAP – Cindy-Marie Bertram

Dec 15, 2022 | By Venessa Dace
What our students say about SACAP - Cindy-Marie Bertram
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Cindy-Marie Bertram, 41, is one busy lady. During office hours she’s a very capable and efficient executive personal assistant at medical aid scheme Platinum Health. After hours, she juggles family life commitments with her online studies at SACAP.

Currently, Cindy-Marie is studying towards her Bachelor of Applied Social Science (BAppSocSci), which she’s undertaking via SACAP’s Online Flexi programme.

We love touching base with our students and recently we had the opportunity to catch up with Cindy-Marie. We asked her to share her thoughts on her online course so far. Here’s what she has to say…

Why Psychology?

“I’ve had a passion for psychology ever since I can remember,” she explains. “It’s the driver behind my enduring desire to make a difference one person at a time.”

“I seem to attract people in need,” Cindy-Marie continues. “Although I always help, I want to make a more informed impact that will have a positive ripple effect.”


Prior to studying towards her degree, Cindy-Marie successfully completed her Higher Certificate in Counselling and Communication Skills online through SACAP. She has chosen to continue her studies.

“I enrolled at SACAP again because their Online Flexi option offers me the flexibility to continue with my career whilst I study,” she says. “I will complete my BAppSocSci at the end of next year, after which I hope to start my Honours.”

Cindy-Marie’s top three

“SACAP’s BAppSocSci is informative, challenging and impacts my growth as a human,” Cindy-Marie offers when we ask her to share her three favourite aspects of the course so far.

“I prefer the Online Campus to other campuses, too” she adds. “It’s very interactive!”

Ultimately, she says she’s a huge fan. “SACAP offers a wealth of information, and the educators are passionate and supportive. Fellow students add to the positivity and passion, too.”

Making a difference

As a child Cindy-Marie dreamt of becoming a nature conservationist, she says. Today, her embryonic aspiration of preserving wildlife has morphed into serving humanity.

“My passion and dream now is to become a clinical psychologist. I want to make a difference,” she concludes.

Over to you

Do you have a real passion for helping others? Would you like to be a catalyst for change? You too can make a difference.

Sure, juggling work and family with study commitments isn’t for sissies. But it can be done. Cindy-Marie is living proof of this.

Can’t afford to ditch your day job to study the course of your dreams? No problem. SACAP’s Online Campus offers a diverse suite of qualifications.

It’s an active, engaging and collaborative environment that facilitates flexibility. You decide when and where you want to study. It’s so convenient!

Online classes are kept small and intimate – you really get to know your peers and lecturers. What’s more, SACAP’s renowned support team makes sure that you never feel lost or alone.

Curious to find out more? Check out the variety of courses SACAP offers via Online Flexi now!

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