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What our partners have to say about SACAP – Kgomotso Makoro, Signa Opportunity

Mar 29, 2023 | By Venessa Dace
What our partners have to say about SACAP – Kgomotso Makoro, Signa Opportunity
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SACAP is one of the few academic institutions in South Africa to include a practical fieldwork module called Work Integrated Learning (WIL). It’s a significant component of each course and a culmination of the academic journey students have travelled with SACAP.

The opportunity for learners to enter the workplace under supervision and guidance from mentors is invaluable. What’s more, they love it. We know this because they tell us!

We’re curious how the WIL placement sites feel about SACAP students, so we asked them. Here’s what Kgomotso Makoro, General Manager at Signa Opportunity, has to say.

The context

“Signa Opportunity is in the youth development space,” explains Kgomotso when we meet up with him. “Unemployment is South Africa’s biggest threat to social stability. Signa Opportunity has a unique approach to tackling this problem. We deploy an economic model that delivers BBBEE level ups for businesses, sustainable employment for youth, and growth for small to medium enterprises. Thereby stimulating economic growth.”

Based in Randburg, the company is just three years old. However, it’s already making a substantial impact. Signa Opportunity has placed over 1000 youth into various workplace experience opportunities across South Africa. Its vision is to place many more. “We want to prepare Africa for a working future in which all young people can be economically active,” Kgomotso says.

The collaboration

SACAP partnered with Signa Opportunity in 2020. “We needed a reputable ally and a leader that produces well-trained coaches to prepare our youth,” Kgomotso explains. “In our search, SACAP featured prominently as an academically rigorous and forward-looking institution.”

“We like how SACAP empowers its students to skillfully apply their training to diverse clients in various settings,” he adds. “About 25 SACAP students have interned with us, coaching our youth who are first-time job entrants.”

The advantages

Kgomotso says his organisation has benefitted enormously from the partnership. “Part of our work at Signa Opportunity involves placement of youths so that they can acquire 12 months of work experience at partner companies. Depending on their performance, the company may elect to retain them permanently.”

“We believe coaching is a game changer in assisting our youth gain permanent employment,” he continues. “It firmly places them on the path to success by assisting them set and actively pursue their goals.”

“SACAP is a teaching and learning institution that produces well-versed coaches. Our partnership has assisted our youth gain permanent employment and has added momentum to our vision of preparing Africa for a working future,” Kgomotso concludes.

The future

According to Kgomotso, there’s no doubt the relationship between SACAP and Signa Opportunity will continue in the future. “Our partnership enriches lives. Not only do the SACAP interns develop our youth, but SACAP students benefit from the partnership, too. They get a real sense of purpose and fulfilment knowing they are integral to someone else’s journey to success.”

“Our connection with SACAP has been so fruitful! Kgomotso asserts. “I deeply appreciate the work it does for our youth and the results we are seeing. Incredibly, many of our coached youngsters have gone on to achieve a great deal in a very short time.”

The students

As a parting shot, we asked Kgomotso to rate the SACAP students and graduates that have interned at Signa Opportunity. “Exceptional!” he declares without hesitation. “They are well trained and professional. Most of all they are committed to helping others transform their lives for the better.”

“Working with SACAP has blown me away and humbled me,” he says. “SACAP interns and coaches have demonstrated excellence in their chosen fields of study. They have exhibited care and passion in how they relate to and coach our youth. Unequivocally, they have reminded me of the beauty of South Africans – our ubuntu!”

WIL modules – supervised practical placements within an organisational setting – are a unique and popular component in many of SACAP’s courses. Certainly, they’re a feature that sets the college apart.

Keen to learn about WIL and the SACAP qualifications that include it in their curricula? Find out more here.

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