What counselling courses can I study at SACAP?

SACAP offers a wide choice of vocational, academic and professional studies in psychology that combine theory and practice-based learning.

Depending on your aptitude, study motivations and career aspirations you can choose a SACAP qualification that suits you.

SACAP’s range of psychology courses include:

Vocational courses

Education based on occupation or employment and that which prepares students for practicing / deployment of applied skills.

Academic courses

Provides academic foundation for a range of careers and post-graduate study paths. Affords a student with academic skills to interpret and analyse relevant social research data and to understand society, self and others.

Professional courses

Academic programs which are applied or interdisciplinary in focus, combine theory and practice-based professional learning, focusing on a body of knowledge that is more strictly delineated than non-professional studies. Students are trained to ensure expected standards and adequate service delivery in the best practice of a profession.

SACAP’s Range of Counselling Offerings

SACAP’s Range of Offerings