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What our graduates say about SACAP – Gracio Morgan

Jun 12, 2024 | By Venessa Dace
What our graduates say about SACAP – Gracio Morgan
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Gracio Morgan is a lucky fish. Besides her gorgeous good looks, she has brains to boot. She’s a tough, ambitious, passionate 21-year-old with a dazzling future ahead of her.

Gracio graduated with her Higher Certificate in Counselling and Communication Skills last month – and nailed it! What’s more, she’s embarked on the next leg of her career journey – SACAP’s Bachelor of Applied Social Science majoring in Psychology and Counselling.

We’re curious: why has she chosen to study psychology, why SACAP? And, as a matter of interest, why start with SACAP’s Higher Certificate in Counselling and Communication Skills? So, we asked her. Here’s what Gracio has to say…

First step

“I’m originally from Kuilsriver in Cape Town, but I grew up in the United Arab Emirates,” she tells us in our quick pre-grad ceremony catch up. “My mother was presented with an opportunity to work abroad, and she jumped at it.”

“South Africa didn’t recognise my overseas high school results,” Gracio explains. “Enrolling in the Higher Certificate enabled me to take the first step towards my goal of being accepted into the degree.”

Despite being disappointed by this initial career curveball, Gracio admits she’s also rather grateful. “The opportunity to learn more about myself and gain insight regarding my expectations for myself as well as my career, was rewarding,” she says.

Moving forward

“The reason I chose to study psychology,” Gracio continues, “is because people have always told me that I am a trustworthy person. Someone good to turn to when they are in need. I decided to develop these qualities and help others.”

Why SACAP? “I attended an open day and found the college appealing and interesting,” she says. “As SACAP’s primary focus is psychology, I believe it really is the best place to learn.”

Next step

With her Higher Certificate neatly nestled under her belt, we asked Gracio what articulation to the degree programme was like? “I was exempted from a few modules because I’d gained enough credits,” she recalls. “I would not say there’s a lot of repetition, but I have noticed how modules in both courses are interconnected.”

And her experience of SACAP’s Cape Town Campus?

“From the outset, SACAP staff were very accommodating making it easy for me to adapt to the college environment,” she says. “My educators continuously encouraged me to improve in areas where I struggled, giving me the motivation to push forward and develop my academic success.”

Gracio says she values SACAP’s burgeoning success, too. The Cape Town campus is expanding, and she’s been party to the renovations. “It’s great to see SACAP is growing and to experience these changes first hand,” she says. “Many institutions often speak about change, but no one notices it. At SACAP actions are followed through, and being a part of that change has made me appreciate my institution choice even more.” 

Keeping pace

“Initially I wanted to study medicine and pursue studies in psychiatry,” Gracio admits. “My hope is that by studying and qualifying as a clinical psychologist first, I may get to dabble in both.”

Her big picture plan? “I can’t say how long it will take me to become a psychiatrist, it’s a one-step-at-a-time kind of process. I do however hope to take my knowledge abroad,” Gracio asserts.

Making a mark

Whether Gracio embellishes her career path in psychology or takes the medical route towards psychiatry, only time will tell. One thing is certain: she wants to develop her passion for helping others. Sound like your kind of wonderful? Start with SACAP. Our renowned, ready-for-real-life qualifications can be articulated into many different credentials or occupation pathways. Kick-start your career, enquire here now.

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