SACAP's Course Helped This Student Discover The Career Of His Dreams
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SACAP’s comprehensive course helped this student discover the career of his dreams

Apr 17, 2020 | By Vanessa Dace
SACAP’s comprehensive course helped this student discover the career of his dreams
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Joe de Wet has three great passions: racing, plants and helping people. Joe, 34, says his fierce enthusiasm for racing began when he was just a kid. “My dream job was to become a professional race car driver,” he explains. After matric, however, he decided against pursuing his childhood fantasy and completed his diploma in Software from Damelin instead.

Joe chose to nurture his passion for plants next and graduated with a diploma in Horticulture from Tshwane University of Technology. “I worked as an environmental specialist focusing on the rehabilitation of protected grasslands and plants all over the country,” he says.

Fortuitously Joe found himself navigating his way through recovery of a different kind when he went into an inpatient treatment facility for substance abuse. His stay at the centre inspired his latest and most heartfelt passion; psychology.

Sowing seeds for success

On recommendation by a counsellor during his therapy sessions Joe enrolled at SACAP. “I completed my Diploma in Counselling and Communication last year,” he says. “And I’m currently studying for my Bachelor of Applied Social Science because my ultimate goal is to become a Registered Counsellor.”

Joe relishes his time spent at SACAP’s Johannesburg campus and feels the knowledge he’s gained from completing his diploma is invaluable. “It’s an incredibly comprehensive qualification because it allows students to take what we’ve studied and apply it in practice, empowering us to learn in our own way,” he says.

According to Joe, counselling and communication skills are more than sufficiently emphasised on the diploma programme, and the Work Integrated Learning module was undoubtedly his favourite part. “I loved every moment because it allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and grow,” he says.

Gaining traction

When Joe isn’t on campus he’s working hard on his passion for plants. “I own an indigenous tree production farm that I’m trying to get off the ground and make successful,” he says. Happily, his SACAP diploma is helping him here, too. “It has helped me communicate more effectively in my daily work activities,” he explains.

There’s another upshot that Joe is excited about. “Now that I’m equipped with the relevant psychological insight I’m collaborating with a registered counsellor from Belgium,” he says. “Together we are working on implementing an intervention at a local orphanage aimed at helping school leavers acquire direction in life.”

Joe is lucky. Not only does he know what his true passions are, he’s able to fulfil his appetite for each one of them. Five years from now he hopes his tree business will be fruitful and he’ll be working as a Registered Counsellor – “I want to help people manage their lives more efficiently,” he says. In his spare time, when he gets any, he’s confident he’ll be scrambling off-road on his motorbike – just like he loved doing when he was a kid.

Foster your future

Swept up in the chaos of the global Covid-19 pandemic it’s easy to feel insecure or even frightened about your future. Don’t be. While the challenges of the national lockdown feel dizzying investing in your career goals is a sure-fire way to harness calm amid the storm.

SACAP has put measures in place so that you can start your studies online and continue on campus later. The college will provide a portable router, 10G of data, virtual classroom educators, comprehensive study programmes and on going support in an effort to make your online learning experience a brilliant one. Applications for SACAP’s Diploma in Counselling and Communication Skills are now open and will close on the 31st of May 2020. Joe found his true calling when he started studying psychology. You can too. Apply here today.

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