Studying Psychology At SACAP Is Setting This Student Up For Success
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A solid foundation in psychology is setting this student up for success

Apr 08, 2020 | By Vanessa Dace
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Where do you see yourself five years from now? Unless you’re one hundred per cent certain about which career path to take, it can be a tricky question to answer. Fortunately for 23-year-old Khiara Mostert her endgame is clear. She’s confident she’ll be practising as a Registered Counsellor while studying further to complete her Masters because in five years’ time she plans to be a Counselling Psychologist or a Clinical Psychologist. “I want to have a positive impact on all my client’s lives,” she says. A career in psychology wasn’t Khiara’s first choice, however.

Changing lanes

A high school aptitude test confirmed Khiara’s passion for working with people. “I decided to study law and then major in psychology afterwards, but working towards my law degree was incredibly difficult,” she concedes. “I didn’t feel passionate about it and my grades reflected that.” At the end of her second year Khiara summoned up the courage to change courses. She learned about SACAP via a friend. “When I saw what the college had to offer I was determined to sign up,” she says.

Khiara completed her Bachelor of Applied Social Science (BAppSocSci) at SACAP’s Johannesburg campus last year. “It was a huge change moving to a smaller campus and having group discussions in smaller classes, but the new environment and approach to learning really had a massively positive impact on my education,” she says.

Exploring connections

Khiara feels SACAP’s BAppSocSci programme has deepened her passion for people. “It exposed me to a variety of critical thinking modules and reinforced my ambition of becoming a specialist within the field of psychology.” Features of the course she ranks highest? “Work Integrated Learning (where students have the opportunity to volunteer and provide support within the capacity of a Psychosocial Support Worker); enthusiastic, experienced and inspiring lecturers; and the stimulating atmosphere created by the staff and students on campus,” she says.

Khiara feels positive and negative experiences throughout her life have fortified her realisation that support from others and overcoming challenges builds resilience and strength. “I want to be part of this process for others,” she explains. “The opportunity to connect with people and to become part of their life story just as they become a part of mine drives me every day.”

Strong footing

Augmented by the comprehensive foundation provided by her BAppSocSci undergraduate degree, Khiara’s desire to develop her connection with others through creative and innovative problem-solving motivated her to continue her studies and register for SACAP’s Bachelor of Social Science Honours in Psychology (Bsych Equivalent Programme). This course has all the academic elements of an honours degree in psychology including the training required to work as a Registered Counsellor in South Africa – a position Khiara is excited at the prospect of fulfilling.

“I love that my BAppSocSci degree has taught me how to apply knowledge and skills in real-world settings as well as help me solidify my goals and ambitions, while the Bsych Equivalent is teaching me an extremely in-depth line of thinking, which allows for deeper understanding of others and myself.”

Thanks to SACAP’s comprehensive courses Khiara feels she’s steadily progressing towards reaching her ultimate career goals. With the world reeling from the global coronavirus outbreak uncertainty feels like the new normal. Perhaps never before have careers in psychology been more important – and necessary! – than now. If, like Khiara, you want an excellent foundation in psychology that opens up many different career doors, read more about SACAP’s BAppSocSci here.

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