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What our students say about SACAP – Faatemah Jassiem

Jul 11, 2023 | By Venessa Dace
Faatemah Jassiem, SACAP Bachelor of Applied Social Science Degree student
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Faatemah Jassiem, 40, is a mother of three and has a full-time job teaching Arabic language. She’s also a student and is in the process of completing her Bachelor of Applied Social Science Degree through SACAP.

With so many balls in the air we’re curious to find out how Faatemah is coping and whether she’s enjoying her studies. So, we asked her. Here’s what she has to say…

Super support

Faatemah is studying for her degree remotely via SACAP’s Online option she tells us when we catch up with her. “So far I’ve had the most supportive and inspiring educators,” she says

“I feel free to be my authentic self in an environment where the content taught is that which is practiced. At SACAP the adage practice what you preach rings true.”

It’s this philosophy that creates a supportive ambience and sense of community among SACAP students Faatemah believes. “Which helps tremendously!” she asserts.

“At SACAP the adage practice what you preach rings true.”

Faatemah Jassiem, SACAP Student

Online opportunity

“I chose to enrol via Online Flexi because I work full time,” Faatemah explains. “I read the positive reviews about SACAP, plus the fact that the online learning option caters to my routine really appealed to me.”

“The flexibility and easy access to admin personnel has been outstanding,” she continues. “It helps a lot when you feel that you’re supported not only by educators but administrators, too.”

Awesome accessibility

Faatemah says she finds SACAP’s online learning environment comprehensive and convenient. “We have access to pre-recorded lessons so I’m constantly reviewing videos and other useful resources,” she says.

“We’re required to participate with classmates on the SACAP portal,” she notes. “This counts toward our module grade and I think it’s a great way to learn from each other, keep disciplined and engaged.”

One of three

Faatemah says she’s relishing her journey with SACAP. We asked her which three aspects of her degree course she’s enjoying the most.

“The Work Integrated Learning (WIL) segment of the degree is the best!” she exclaims. “It means I gain practical experience while being guided by peers throughout the module.”

“WIL also opens many other avenues. I’ve met wonderful people on the same journey with common interests and they share their knowledge and experiences.”

“What’s more, many individuals are highly qualified professionals with whom I may not have had an opportunity to interact with. This in itself is a privilege,” she says.

Two of three

“I love the detailed content of the course,” enthuses Faatemah. “I’m literally motivated to study just by the way the modules are presented.”

“I rate SACAP educators highly,” she adds. “They offer their extra time, experience and support. All communication is pleasant and I feel that I have a sense of worth even though I’m a student.”

Three of three

Faatemah cites SACAP’s renowned student support as the third reason she enjoys her course so much. “Besides the availability of a personal counsellor for students, we are also provided with continuous workshops that deliver academic and emotional support throughout the semester. All at no extra cost!” she exclaims.”

“I’m a bit sensitive so I like to be guided gently,” she admits. “Instead of feeling overwhelmed by venturing into the unknown, I have felt expertly supported by SACAP.”

Path perks

So far her experience at SACAP has been exceptional, Faatemah says. “Not only am I acquiring a qualification that will enhance my career as a tutor, the journey has helped me achieve a greater sense of self-awareness,” she notes.

“Sometimes self introspection can be daunting,” she adds. “However, it’s fulfilling and satisfying when SACAP lecturers are there to guide, comfort and coax you in the process. It has lead me to incredible self empowerment.”

Practical impact

Faatemah says she is motivated by the concept that life is short and there is so much to learn and do. “I would like to leave a positive print on this world by enhancing the lives of others,” she says. “I believe the best way to do so would be to equip myself first.”

She has chosen to venture down the path of psychology so that she might pursue her dream job of helping others. “I would like to direct an NPO for those in distress,” she explains.

Beyond borders

We asked Faatemah what her career goals are for the future. “I’ve been told I could register as a wellness counsellor. However, I’m still enjoying the journey. Maybe I’ll apply for my master’s?” she muses.

“Ultimately, I hope to have expanded my NPO idea into a relief centre. SACAP is accredited and I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to extend my objectives beyond South African borders, too,” she says.

Positive prospect

What’s your future game plan? If, like Faatemah, you’re intrigued by psychology and the positive changes it can help people make, get in touch.

SACAP offers a range of online psychology prgrammes that vary in time and cost commitment. The best part? You can complete them from the comfort of your home.

Feeling stuck in your current job? Overwhelmed by the state of the world and not sure how to help? Or you’re just curious to discover where a path in psychology can take you?

SACAP has a number of online psychology programmes. Check them out here.

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