What Our Students Say About SACAP - Robert Beck - SACAP

What our students say about SACAP – Robert Beck

Jan 27, 2021 | By Venessa Dace
What our students say about SACAP - Robert Beck
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What are your plans for Saturday? It’s likely Robert Beck is gearing up for the weekly garage table tennis competition he plays with friends. “It’s one of my favourite pastimes,” he explains.

Robert, 29, is from Cape Town. He works fulltime as a sales manager and real estate agent at BuyBnB Real Estate on the Atlantic Seaboard. Robert is also studying through SACAP’s online campus. Currently he is in the first year of his Bachelors of Applied Psychology degree.

We’re eager to find out how he’s enjoying his course. Is he managing to juggle his work responsibilities with his study obligations, for example? We caught up with Robert and asked him to share his thoughts on his degree so far.

Unforeseen circumstances

Studying psychology wasn’t always part of Robert’s game plan. “I studied a BComm in Strategic Management at Varsity College,” he explains. “First I worked as a data capturer for Pam Golding Properties. Thereafter I managed teams and trained agents from all over the Western Cape.”

Covid-19 shifted Robert’s career trajectory. While it resulted in his retrenchment at the beginning of last year, it also afforded him the opportunity to study. “My online course started in June 2020. Fortunately I was able to put all my time into studying until I was offered another job,” he says. “Currently I am studying fulltime as well as working fulltime. I thoroughly enjoy what I’m doing and I’m managing to balance work with my online studying and my social life.”

Finding the right fit

Sport has long been Robert’s passion. “I dreamt of becoming a professional cricketer when I was a kid,” he says. “Helping people and ensuring that they are able to reach their full potential is what drives me now.”

Robert discovered psychology when he was studying for his Bcomm. It really piqued his interest in human behaviour, he says. It’s what motivated him to study psychology online through SACAP.

“After researching various tertiary institutions SACAP suited me best,” he says. “I love the structure of the curriculum. It’s very effective and the modules are so interesting. It’s also convenient being able to study online at a time that works for me. My workdays are fully loaded!”

Three cheers for SACAP!

We put Robert on the spot and asked him to list three things he really likes about SACAP’s online course. “I thoroughly enjoy the interactive weekly activities on the online platform. Everybody contributes to the topics being discussed. These extra insights add depth to the theory being covered each week.”

“The assessment topics are very interesting. I enjoy research, reading and writing. I often find myself getting lost in the work, which has paid off so far in my studies. Something I’m very happy about.”

“The study material is very clear and concise. It makes sense to me. I like to graphically visualise the course concepts. This helps me form a clear understanding of my own.”

That’s not all; according to Robert SACAP’s online learning environment is really great, too. “The lecturers and online mentors are amazing. They are always helpful and willing to go the extra mile. They seem so happy to assist.”

Compared to his previous tertiary experience on a physical campus SACAP wins hands down, says Robert. “I actually find the online platform more effective. I think that Zoom meetings have been incredibly helpful in achieving this.”

Robert was particularly impressed with the way SACAP handled the hard lockdown. “The online mentors didn’t miss a beat. They offered very useful support webinars as well as one-on-one meetings via Zoom,” he says.

Beyond boundaries

Robert feels SACAP has enriched his life beyond the virtual classroom. “I employ some of the techniques I’ve learnt through SACAP in my own life. I feel a lot more focused and productive as a result. I’m also able to prioritize my busy schedule a lot more effectively with time to spare.”

Evidently Robert is a fan. “So far I have thoroughly enjoyed studying at SACAP. I give it 10/10!” he exclaims. He says he wouldn’t hesitate to recommend SACAP, too. “I honestly can’t say anything bad about SACAP. It’s brilliantly organized. From the administration right through to the quality of teaching and study materials.”

Robert is an avid sportsman so he’s very goal orientated. So, what does he hope his Bachelors of Applied Psychology degree will catalyse for him? “My goal is to achieve a master’s degree in psychology,” he says. “It will enable me to become a clinical psychologist. I want to teach people how to overcome their struggles and do their very best.”

Fortify your future

As we continue to grapple with our current Covid reality – will there be a third wave? A fourth? It’s encouraging to know that SACAP students can continue with their studies and still achieve their ultimate career objectives.

SACAP’s psychology courses are reputable and widely acclaimed. What’s more, in the wake of our current Covid climate SACAP has diversified its offering. The college now boasts three new study options: On Campus, Online Flexi and Online Live.

These innovative blended learning approaches have the interests of SACAP students and their study preferences at their core. Do you like face-to-face classes? Or is virtual learning a more promising prospect? Maybe you prefer a hybrid of both?

Online learning is proving to be the most productive for Robert. “I am highly motivated and enjoying every moment of my studies,” he says. How about you? The key is to get going on your career dreams now. Who knows what’s around the next Covid corner! Let SACAP help you build a fantastic foundation for your future success. Check out SACAP’s psychology courses or click here to find out more.

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