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4 Reasons why you should consider Psychology Courses Online

Sep 21, 2021
4 Reasons why you should consider Psychology Courses Online

Flexibility, convenience, affordability, and the opportunity to enhance one’s digital skills, are some of the benefits of studying a psychology course online. Add those to being able to study from where ever works for you best, it could be the ideal setup.

As you debate how to go about studying, it’s worth investigating online options. However, while there are many benefits to studying on a traditional bricks-and-mortar-campus, there are also drawbacks and cost implications. Here are some of the reasons why doing a degree, diploma or brushing up on your skills via short courses online is advantageous.

“Studying online has advantages for both first time and more mature students.”

Why Study Online?

1. Flexibility

Online studying allows you to plan your studies around your existing schedule and life demands. Thus, allowing you to study when it suits you best. Thereby making it ideal for those who have a job, family obligations or are more mature students. In contrast, traditional learning formats require students to be in a physical classroom during specific, predetermined periods of time.

2. Affordability

The reality of many aspiring students is that access to funding their studies is challenging. Very often online courses are more affordable than on-campus equivalents, due to a number of factors that may not necessarily have to do with the price of the course itself. Additionally, studying online means not having to factor in transport costs or moving and cost of living in a campus-city.

3. Skills Development

An independent approach to learning requires students to become additionally skilled in:

  • Independent and effective time management.
  • Improving their technology skills such as knowledge of internet functions and software programmes.
  • Self-motivation and grit.

These are all transferable skills which many employers value and look for when recruiting new staff.

“Various online study approaches provide students with additional options.”

4. Credibility

Learning online gives you access to a wider range of institutions. It is wise to remember three factors that employers will consider when evaluating the credibility of your online qualification. These are: Accreditation, the existence of a physical campus and an established brand or reputation of the institution. With this in mind, you should choose a learning institution that possesses all three components. Thereby, ensuring that you are the most marketable job candidate possible.

What’s the Difference between Online Live and Online Flexi?

There are two approaches to online learning, Online Live and Online Flexi. Both have inherent advantages and therefore cater for various student preferences, as well as restrictions on being able to study.

Online Live

This is a hybrid approach to learning. It combines weekly real-time class engagement with self-paced online learning and activities. Classes at SACAP are deliberately small. This allows for dialogue with the online educator and within the class. As well as social engagement with fellow students. Online Live also allows for course-specific work integrated learning, which enables you to gain practical work experience.

Online Flexi

This is a self-directed approach to learning. It allows students to have maximum flexibility in their weekly schedule, while still having some prescribed structure within their studies. At SACAP course material is released on Mondays. It includes required activities with submission deadlines. To augment learning materials, live webinars may also be scheduled from time-to-time by an educator. Class sizes are limited to ensure that access to online support and educators is easy. Additionally, this approach promotes flexible collaboration and engagement between students.

Why Study Online at SACAP?

SACAP (The South African College of Psychology) offers both online flexi and online live courses. The institution has a long-standing reputation. Its certifications are accredited and affiliated with professional bodies. Full-time equivalents of these courses are also offered on campus. Thereby the three factors that future employers consider when assessing online qualifications are well met.

SACAP offers the following Online Courses:

If you are interested in studying online then contact an advisor at SACAP to discuss your options or enrol today.

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