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4 Reasons why you should consider an online psychology course

Oct 26, 2017
Psychology courses online

Flexibility, convenience, affordability, and the opportunity to enhance one’s digital skills, are just some of the benefits of studying psychology online.

Key takeaways

  • While many are familiar with the benefits of studying psychology on-campus, qualifying online has perks all of its own.
  • Online study affords flexibility and convenience, not to mention greater affordability and the opportunity to enhance one’s digital skills.
  • If you choose to study psychology online, it is of the utmost importance that the study institution of your choice is credible and reputable.

While the benefits of studying psychology in a traditional bricks-and-mortar institution are pretty well-known, are you aware that you can also qualify in this fascinating field by undertaking an online course? And doing so has perks all of its own.

Although online students don’t get the face-to-face experiences of a typical on-campus student, there are many advantages to e-learning. Here, are some of the main ones…


Students who choose to earn their psychology degrees online often find that doing so affords them a great degree of scheduling flexibility. With the traditional learning format, students are required to be in a physical classroom during specific, predetermined periods of time. On the other hand, studying online brings with it the ability to attend to the learning material whenever it best suits you. While the scheduling flexibility offered through online learning is beneficial for many people, it can be especially convenient for mature students who have family obligations or for those who work full-time.


Oftentimes, e-courses are more affordable than their on-campus equivalents, due to a number of factors that may not necessarily have to do with the price of the course itself. For example, not having to pay mandatory fees for services such as equipment use, and being able to save on transport costs since there is no travel involved.

Skills development

Online learning provides many additional benefits beyond just convenience and financial savings. An independent approach to distance learning teaches the student to be a more effective time manager. With e-learning, a student will also develop tech skills, including knowledge of the functions of the Internet, typing and software programmes – all of which are necessary to be considered digitally literate. What’s more, these are transferable skills that many employers will find very valuable, thus enhancing one’s employability after qualifying.


While online degrees are now viewed as just as substantive as those earned in a traditional manner, you should note that there are three factors employers will consider when determining whether your online degree is credible: accreditation, the existence of a physical campus, and an established brand/reputation. With this in mind, you should choose a learning institution that possesses all three components to ensure that you are the most marketable job candidate possible.

The South African College of Psychology offers a trio of online courses for those wishing to take up the advantages of e-learning. SACAP’s Higher Certificate in Counselling and Communication Skills is a one-year vocational qualification that serves as an excellent entry point into the field of psychology. The College’s BappSocSci Degree, meanwhile, is a five-year part-time undergraduate qualification that develops a robust theoretical and methodological understanding of the discipline of psychology embedded within the social sciences. Finally, SACAP’s Bachelor of Social Science Honours (Psychology) Degree is a dynamic 18-month e-programme that offers advanced levels of academic challenge and builds intellectual independence and research capacity in the principles and methodologies of psychology at a postgraduate level of study.

Full-time equivalents of these courses are also offered on-campus and all are fully recognised, which means that students are exposed to courses that are academically sound, and that deliver graduates with an accredited qualification. To find out more, enquire now.

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