What Our Students Have To Say About SACAP - Sarah Dowling - SACAP

What our students have to say about SACAP – Sarah Dowling

Mar 09, 2020
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For Sarah, people have always been her passion. So it made sense that she would find her way into SACAPs corridors of learning.

“People have always fascinated me, everything about them: their stories, families, interests, personalities, ways of thinking. I felt that the best career for this passion was psychology, especially as I love being able to help facilitate positive change, even if it is only incremental.”

Sarah continues, “SACAP offered everything that I wanted: small classes, excellent lecturers, practical counselling skills (over and above theory) and assignment-based grading as opposed to exams only.”

Like many of her SACAP peers, Sarah never expected to learn so much about herself. “After all, I believe that self-awareness and understanding leads to a greater understanding and acceptance of others. I also had to learn how to be okay with making mistakes in front of others – that everything is a learning process. It’s a fascinating journey and I don’t think it will ever end.”

Within the classroom, Sarah really enjoys meeting other people who enjoy learning about psychology and hearing about her lecturers’ experiences first hand. Looking beyond the college walls, Sarah supports SACAP’s drive to give back to the community. “There are a lot of current issues that South Africans are facing where counselling and psycho-education could be beneficial: the HIV crisis, gender-based violence, discrimination and crime, to name a few. These issues affect everybody, no matter what race or socio-economic status.  Therefore, psychological and counselling services need to be available and affordable.”

Sarah hopes to get her degree, honours, masters and eventually her PhD in psychology where “I would love to study different types of therapies such as art/music/play therapy – looking at creative ways to assist people.”

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