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Work Integrated Learning

What is Work Integrated Learning?

Nov 13, 2023 | By Saranne Durham
Student counsellors applying their skills through Work Integrated Learning
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Having the right qualifications is one step towards preparing for a career. Another important step is properly preparing for employment before graduating. Thus, doing a work integrated learning module can be a game-changer for a newly graduated student. For specific courses at SACAP, it’s a key component that better ensures students receive a well-rounded education.  

This is why work integrated learning is something to look for when you’re considering what and where to study.

What is the Purpose of a Work Integrated Learning Module?

A work integrated learning module is a hands-on experience while you work. It aims to better equip a student for their future work environment. The intention is for graduates to enter the workforce with relevant experience. Thereby, better ensuring that they can confidently work effectively and efficiently from the first day of their career.

During this module, theoretical training comes to life. It’s about applying knowledge and concepts to real-life situations. Thereby, dovetailing theoretical learning with practical experience. It’s a way of making a positive difference in people’s lives while honing relevant skills under the guidance of experts.

How Does It Work?

A work integrated learning module takes place in the work field as opposed to a classroom environment. Students are placed within organisations that work in their area of interest. During a placement, students are mentored as they work. The advantage of this facilitated on-the-job learning is that students can grow their practical skill set alongside someone with already has relevant expertise. This means that they are provided with both guidance and feedback while applying the knowledge that they’ve gained through studies.

Depending on the programme, this SACAP module includes at least 200 hours of work integrated learning. Within this module students can expect:

  • Preparatory workshops to assist in the practical application of counselling skills.
  • A multi-cultural workshop that increases awareness and understanding of diversity within a workplace setting and as a potential challenge.
  • Interaction and psycho-educational client workshops.
  • Supervised work experience with constructive feedback, direction, and support.

What Advantages Does Work Integrated Learning Provide?

Many graduates report that this particular module in their studies is an invaluable part of their training and development. This is because, while building practical skillsets, it grew their confidence and thereby helped them to be more effective when they started working. Furthermore, as this module offers practical experience, graduates have relevant work experience upon graduation. This gives them an advantage when looking for work because they already have relevant work references to refer prospective employees to on their CVs.

5 Benefits of Work Integrated Learning:

  1. Gain relevant practical work experience.
  2. Network with industry professionals.
  3. Receive expert career guidance and mentorship.
  4. Obtain personalised feedback and assistance on the application of skills.
  5. Gain a better understanding of the field of work and the work environment.

Skills Developed through a Work Integrated Learning Experience:

  1. Effective communication.
  2. Collaboration and teamwork.
  3. Critical thinking.
  4. Effective problem-solving.
  5. Efficient decision-making.

Diverse Learning Opportunities

There are many advantages to having a practical component to your qualification. Ultimately it exposes you to a diverse learning opportunity that’s not possible to attain by only sitting in a classroom. Thus, by understanding how theory and knowledge can be practically applied, a student’s education is enhanced in a way that augments their advantages as a new graduate. Apply online to start your study journey at SACAP. Click here to download SACAP’s Work Integrated Learning Brochure

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