Tuesday, 27 February 2024
18:00 - 19:30
Navigating the Impact of AI in the Field of Mental Health Webinar - SACAP

Explore the ever-evolving landscape of AI and its integration into the mental health landscape.

Workshop Overview

AI – friend or foe? The pervasive questions of how to harness AI’s potential while navigating its ethical complexities have touched nearly every profession, and the field of Mental Health is no exception. In just over a year since its remarkable debut, OpenAI has solidified its presence as an influential entity on the global stage. Whether viewed as a friend or a foe, its impact is undeniable. This CPD workshop delves into the realm of AI within the context of Mental Health, examining both its promise and current limitations. Specific focus is given to the prevailing mental health challenges in South Africa, marked by an expanding resource gap and legislative hurdles. It is against this backdrop that it is important to explore the potential role AI can play now or may assume in the future. The workshop aims to acquaint participants with the impact AI has already made on the mental health landscape, while also highlighting ethical dilemmas that persist with this innovative technology. There is a strong focus on how to ensure AI integration aligns with ethical principles without compromising client well-being.


This CPD workshop has been designed for mental health professionals interested in knowing more about some of the innovations that have taken place over the last decade, as well as framing the ethical concerns that prevail in this new, innovative space.

The certificate serves as evidence of your new skills and knowledge and can be used to demonstrate your commitment to professional development. Attend a live online session, or watch the recording, and complete an online reading and assessment.

HPCSA registered professionals will receive 3 CPD points [3 CEU Continuing Education Units points] upon successful completion of the workshop.

Workshop Presenters

Clare Chester

Clare Chester is a registered Counselling Psychologist and has been practising for 25 years. She has always been passionate about higher education and worked at a student counselling centre for the first 13 years of her career. Clare entered private practice in 2009 and worked as an independent contractor at SACAP from 2019. In 2023 she was appointed as a full-time Educator at SACAP, teaching across a variety of subjects and cohorts, with a special interest in Ethics and Crisis and Trauma Counselling. Clare is currently involved with SACAP’s AI Task Team and her focus has recently been on the ethical use of AI technologies.

Carl Badenhorst

Carl Badenhorst is the Head of Learning Design and Online Teaching at SACAP. He loves creating meaningful learning experiences through technology and creative methodologies, and integrating the latest advancements in generative AI and human-computer interaction. Carl is committed to pushing the boundaries of traditional education, advocating the use of AI to simulate real-world scenarios and immersive experiences.

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