Saturday, 21 August 2021
10:00 - 11:00
Parents' Guide to Matric Support 2021

Lean in? Stay away? It’s not easy knowing how best to support your matriculant in this very stressful year. This is why in SACAP’s Parents’ Guide to Matric Support webinar, our panel of experts will give you a holistic approach such as identifying your child’s study strategy and how to use food to fuel their brain on a budget. These will equip you to support your child as they face the emotional, physical and mental challenges that come with writing matric – and the years that follow after.

What’s on the agenda

Coping strategies

Jogini Packery is a community-based Counselling Psychologist who is passionate about youth development journeys promoting personal, professional and academic growth. She will talk about how to guide and support your matric through the exams plus gain coping strategies that you can use to emotionally prepare your child for life after matric.

Emotional support for success

Kirsten Harrison is an HPCSA Registered Counsellor with a special interest in addiction, trauma as well as higher education. Kirsten will highlight how it’s not always easy knowing what type of support your child needs and she will unpack the crucial role that parents play and how they can position their matriculant for success.

Eat well on a budget

Robyn-Leigh Mentor has an Honours in Nutrition and Dietetics and believes in balance in all aspects of life. The focus of her talk is that you can’t think well if you don’t eat well. She will share advice on how to buy healthy and delicious food on a budget.

Lastly, our Live Q&A which is where you get to ask the experts any questions you may have.

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