Saturday, 20 August 2022
10:00 - 11:30
Student Study Hack Webinar 2022 - SACAP

While we slowly start finding our feet in a post-pandemic world, learning and education has not stopped moving forward. In SACAP’s Student Study Hack webinar we’ll discuss best study practices, methods for good mental health during exams and how to balance your focus with fun – to help you cope emotionally, physically and mentally with your matric exams and whatever comes next.

What’s on the agenda

Study tips

Buhle Moholi, a Work Integrated Learning Co-ordinator with a passion for career psychology, will guide us through the study tips that really matter in helping you reach maximum potential.

Maintain Mental Health

Kacey Petersen, an HPCSA Student Registered Counsellor, will highlight practical ways in which matriculants can manage the stressors of exams and applying for higher education to maintain good mental health.

Fun vs Focus

Giloume van der Walt, vice chair of the Student Representative Counsel with a keen interest in motivation and affective neuropsychology will show matriculants how to recalibrate and relax during stressful periods. He’ll delve into how much fun is appropriate when preparing for exams.

Lastly, our Live Q&A which is where you get to ask the experts any questions you may have.

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