4 Reasons Why Studying Online With SACAP Is A Good Idea
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Online learning: 4 reasons why this is the best way to study

Mar 18, 2020

The digital age is bringing about new and exciting opportunities in the area of education. Here are some of the advantages of online learning.

The education industry benefits significantly from advancing technology, as the digital age brings about new and exciting opportunities. Educational institutions such as SACAP seek to incorporate cutting edge technology and teaching methods into their online programmes to enable students and educators to move beyond simply replicating the experience of being in a classroom and pushing the boundaries of what we believe about enriching and effective learning environments.

Why you should consider online learning:

Work from anywhere

Whether in the comfort of your own home or sipping a cappuccino at a coffee shop, studying online means you get to choose the most convenient venue, and the one that best serves your concentration levels. Online learning enables you to study while travelling as well, and to access courses at accredited institutions such as SACAP without having to relocate.

Developing your own study schedule

Some people benefit from a regimented timetable, while others function better when operating according to their own schedule. Studying at a campus means everyone has to abide by the same structure, but online learning provides an alternative that enables students to play to their strengths, and choose the learning environment that best suits them. There is a perfect time to study for early risers and night owls alike!

Modules are still structured with deadlines so as to maintain momentum, but students have more time to reflect on what they’ve learned before participating in discussions about the course material, and more time to collect their thoughts before composing responses, as opposed to a classroom environment where there is pressure to respond immediately.


As the technology that drives online learning evolves, so does the design. In fact, the development of online courses has become a burgeoning industry, with companies forming instructional design teams entirely devoted to the planning and layout of online course material.

So when you participate in online learning, you can be sure that a lot of resources have been committed to making the course material as engaging and user-friendly as possible, with a wealth of material such as videos, activities and forum discussions to encourage student interaction.

Improving your self-discipline

While studying outside of the college environment can be challenging, due to the greater amount of distractions, this can be seen as an opportunity to practice self-discipline. Being able to structure your own timetable without it being enforced by a higher institution is a useful skill to have, and you’ll also develop methods for avoiding distractions and maintaining the energy levels required to study for long periods.

At SACAP, you can pursue courses that are available online, and are fully accredited and internationally recognised. The Higher Certificate in Counselling and Communication Skills and the Bachelor of Applied Social Science have online courses available, and will be starting their third term intake in June 2019. Both provide a solid foundation for pursuing a career in psychology or counselling, as well as developing skills that will be valuable in a wide range of career paths. For more information, enquire now.

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