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What our students say about SACAP – Harshana Daya

Feb 09, 2023 | By Venessa Dace
What our students say about SACAP - Harshana Daya
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Harshana Daya, 40, is a certified BodyTalk practitioner and reiki healer from Lenasia. “BodyTalk is an integrative healing modality that focuses on the body’s innate capacity to heal itself,” she explains.

Harshana is currently studying towards her Bachelor of Applied Social Science Degree through SACAP. “I completed my Higher Certificate in Counselling and Communication Skills last year. SACAP credited me with five modules and granted permission for me to start second-year modules for my Bachelor of Applied Social Science this year,” she adds.

“Six years ago I embarked on a journey to become an energy healer. Through this process I realised I wanted to become a counsellor and stumbled upon SACAP.”

Origins of approval

“My online experience with SACAP has been excellent!” Harshana asserts. We love positive feedback. What really gets our collective tails wagging, however, is discovering the motivation behind this kind of glowing declaration.

We managed to get a few minutes with Harshana so we could ask her. Here’s what she has to say…


“I heard great reviews about SACAP and to date I have not been disappointed!” she exclaims.

“Studying for my Bachelor of Applied Social Science Degree via Online Flexi is convenient and suits my lifestyle,” Harshana says. “It enables me to work and study fulltime because classes are recorded and I can watch them in my own time.”

“What’s more, online educators are very good and learner involvement is constantly encouraged,” she continues. “Essentially, we learn how to apply and integrate what we learn into our lives,” she emphasises.

Three cheers!

We asked Harshana to share three aspects of her degree that she especially enjoys.

“Firstly, although a substantial amount of the work is theory, the course inspires students to apply these theories in a South African context,” she says. “I believe this is beneficial to future counsellors working in this country.”

“Secondly, I’m loving the abundance of support. Each new term I am able to connect with other students and even though we are all studying online we have plenty of help from SACAP.”

“Finally, the module outline and content of the course is very comprehensive,” Harshana concludes. “The tasks and assessments are designed to provoke critical thinking, which is challenging and enjoyable.”

Practical aspirations

SACAP is one of the few academic institutions in South Africa to include a practical fieldwork module (WIL) as a significant element of its training.

It’s a component of her course that Harshana has not yet experienced, she tells us. “I have not reached this module yet, but I’m really looking forward to it. I believe it will be an excellent opportunity to apply the theory that we have learnt in class.”

She adds, “I believe I will benefit greatly from the hands-on approach of this section. I think it’s a great way to prepare students for fieldwork.”

Blossoming desire

As a youngster Harshana assumed she’d become a businesswoman. “I enjoy interacting with people,” she explains. “I never thought about psychology in my early adulthood, though, and I only considered studying it fairly recently.”

“Now I find psychology fascinating,” she says. “It has opened my mind up to so much more. The human mind is intriguing and complicated!”

Choosing chapters

What’s your calling? Are you someone like Harshana who enjoys interacting with others and would like to make a difference in peoples’ lives?

Perhaps you feel trapped by an unfulfilling career and you’re keen to try something new?

The good news is that SACAP’s Online Flexi study option is easy to knit into your already busy lifestyle. It’s an active, engaging and collaborative experience that gives you the flexibility to study at a time and place that suits you.

Forward thinking

Harshana says she plans to continue studying psychology and hopes to be accepted into SACAP’s Bachelor of Social Science Honours in Psychology (BPsych Equivalent Programme). “I’d like to begin working as a counsellor one day and perhaps open a practice of my own,” she says.

Feeling inspired by Harshana’s story? Why not start your own journey with SACAP now? Online Flexi is collaborative, convenient and cost-effective. Budget bonus? You get to spend less on travel expenses!  

SACAP offers a range of courses via Online Flexi. Check them out here.

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