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What our students say about SACAP – Ammaarah Rhoda

Mar 30, 2021 | By Venessa Dace
What our students say about SACAP - Ammaarah Rhoda
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Well done! The hard graft of high school is over. It’s finally time to spread your wings and fly. But which way are you headed? What direction do you hope your career path will take? We sat with Ammaarah Rhoda to find out more about her journey at SACAP.

Setting a Career Compass

Ammaarah Rhoda, 21, has a very clear idea where she’s going. “Five years from now I hope to have completed my master’s thesis. I’d also like to have gained more experience in counselling through volunteer work. Ultimately, I’d love to open a safe space for children and adolescents,” she says.

These are very noble aspirations. The good news? It’s very likely Ammaarah will achieve them. Why? She’s in the third year of her Bachelor of Applied Social Science degree at SACAP. It’s a rigorous course that provides a rock-solid foundation in the field of psychology.

What’s more, it’s a very practical degree. Theory provides a road map to success, while practical Work Integrated Learning instils valuable tools for application in real-life contexts.

What’s it like being a student at SACAP? Which psychology course is best? Would she recommend the college to others? We asked Ammaarah to share her thoughts on her SACAP journey so far.

Steppingstone towards success

“Enrolling at SACAP happened by chance really,” Ammaarah admits. “My mom heard an advertisement on the radio so we decided to go in and see for ourselves.”

Ammaarah recalls how she was invited to sit down with one of SACAP’s student advisors. “They explained how everything worked. I remember thinking right then and there that SACAP was just the kind of place I wanted to study. Not only did they offer a wide range of programmes, they also showed a genuine interest in their students.”

Ammaarah chose to study for her Higher Certificate in Counselling and Communication Skills first. “It was a steppingstone for me,” she explains. “I feel like the course confirmed I was headed in the right direction. It felt like I was on a path I wanted and needed to follow.”

“The Higher Certificate helped me understand human behaviour. It highlighted factors and environments within the South African context that play a role in mental health in our country. It also helped me understand myself better. I can finally give a name to the emotions and thoughts that I have. This has helped boost my self-image and self-esteem,” she adds.

Mindful of Mental Health

Ammaarah’s dream job is to work with children. “Growing up I always dreamt of becoming a paediatrician or even a neonatologist,” she says.

“Over time I’ve come to realise that physical health is not the only need that people have. Mental health is just as important, sometimes even more so.”

“I am the third oldest of six children in a Muslim family. I come from a background where mental health is not seen as an actual issue. No one speaks about mental health,” she concedes.

Ammaarah is determined to become part of the solution. “I want to be there for individuals who feel that no one is listening. I’m particularly keen on creating community programmes that help empower children and adolescents,” she says.

Ready to Tackle Reality

During her time at SACAP Ammaarah has experienced online tuition as well as face-to-face classes at the Cape Town campus. “The support given by my SACAP educators has been phenomenal!” she exclaims. “Their guidance and encouragement makes SACAP a truly warm and inviting experience.”

In hindsight Ammaarah is glad she decided to pursue her Bachelor of Applied Social Science at SACAP. “The degree really teaches you how to communicate properly with people. It’s a skill that everyone needs irrespective of your career path,” she says.

“Since this is my final year of the degree I am really looking forward to the Work Integrated Learning module. It gives you first-hand counselling experience so you know exactly what to expect when you enter the workforce.”

Would she recommend SACAP? “Oh, absolutely!” Ammaarah asserts. “SACAP offers quality education and a quality experience that gives you a massive advantage in this field of work.”

Tools for today

SACAP has given Ammaarah the structure and knowledge to plot out her future career. She’s grateful to have learned skills that she can apply to her everyday, too. “The pandemic changed so many people’s lives. Personally, the isolation has made me face things that I would have rather avoided. Thanks to what I’ve learned at SACAP I’ve been able to sit down and work through my emotions,” she says.

“I have also been able to support friends and family through their own emotions regarding the pandemic. Whether it’s to validate their fears and feelings, or just be an ear to listen. Because every human desires to be heard,” she says.

Is there a little voice in your head? Is it being heard? Your future is spreading infinitely before you. Why not start your own journey towards success?

SACAP offers accredited online and face-to-face courses that will steer you in the direction of your dream career. Not sure what psychology course to take? We have lots of information that will help you make an informed decision. Simply click here to find out more.

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