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Matric and beyond TwitterChat

Nov 03, 2014
Matric and beyond TwitterChat
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On Wednesday, 5th November from 3pm to 4pm the South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) is hosting a “Matric and Beyond” TwitterChat to support all matriculants and their parents across South Africa as they head into the second half of the final exams and have just under three weeks to go before the end of their school career.

Part of the pressure of being a matriculant is being told by everyone ‘how important’ your matric exams are, while at the same time having to make major decisions around your future education and career. Many matriculants will enter a period of drastic transition after the exams, moving out of home to study or work, becoming responsible for their own well being, having to find work to support themselves and their studies.

SACAP’s Motivation Expert, Dr Yaseen Ally has worked with many teenagers and says: “There are recurring questions that come up when I work with matriculants no matter what their background or plans for the future are, the stress around the time of the final exams can be overwhelming.”

A group of experts will be joining the hour-long TwitterChat to answer questions relating to “Matric and Beyond”, including Dr Yaseen Ally, SADAG (South African Depression & Anxiety Group), Mindset Network, School Network SA, Cheryl Meyer (Registered Dietitian), ADSA (Association for Dietetics in South Africa) and the team from Adventure Bootcamp. The conversation will focus on mental health, coping with stress, staying positive, the importance of good nutrition and exercise, study tips, how to maintain balance while studying and time management.

Join the conversation by following the hashtag #MatricandBeyond from 3pm to 4pm and tweet any questions you would like to have answered to @SACAP or post them on the Facebook page

Questions will include:

  1. Another three weeks to go of intense exams – how do I create balance? #MatricandBeyond
  2. I’m still struggling to manage my time – how to I improve time management skills? #MatricandBeyond
  3. How do I manage the stress to make sure it doesn’t overwhelm me? #MatricandBeyond
  4. How do we recognise anxiety and stress and how do we help? #MatricandBeyond
  5. Why is healthy nutrition important during exams? How do we feed the brain? #MatricandBeyond
  6. The body needs movement after hours at the desk! Why and what can we do at home? #MatricandBeyond
  7. The exams are in full swing – what study tips can I still incorporate to improve learning #MatricandBeyond
  8. How do I silence my inner critic? #MatricandBeyond
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