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SACAP 2015 Graduates

Jun 01, 2016
sacap 2015 graduates
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In line with their vision of empowering students to grow in themselves and positively impact the lives of others, SACAP (The South African College of Applied Psychology) proudly celebrated the recent graduation of their 193 students from 2015, across their Johannesburg and Cape Town campus.

Armed with robust theoretical skills and practical experience (with the group of graduates completing a combined 2743 hours of fieldworks during their time at SACAP), these students are now ready to play a positive role within South African communities and society at large.

The significant 60% increase in graduates from 2014 to 2015 is a growth indicator for counselling and psychology in South Africa and will contribute towards an increasing workforce of mental health workers and a decrease in the gap between community mental health needs and the capacity of mental health services to deliver quality support services.

Seven students received Academic Dean Awards for highest academic standard in their programme:


  • Claudia Campbell – Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences
  • Deborah Levy – Bachelor of Social Science Honours (Psychology)
  • Janeshree Naidoo – Advanced Certificate in Counselling and Communication Skills


  • Dualine Coetsee – Graduate Diploma in Counselling
  • Bevin Leigh Reynolds – Bachelor of Applied Social Science
  • Tienke du Toit – Bachelor of Social Sciences Honours (Psychology)
  • Julia Budden – Advanced Certificate in Counselling and Communications Skills

“We are very proud of all our graduates and are excited about them taking the skills they’ve learnt at SACAP into the South African workplace, joining an inspired workforce of support counsellors that will be able to make a difference and effectively address the mental health needs of all South Africans”, says Zerina Royeppen, MD of SACAP.

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